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    (1) Remember to notify me if you change your email address, cell phone, home or work numbers, residence or work addresses so I can update your client file and records.  It will also allow me, to notify the insurance company for updating premium billing and policy information.   Are you paying premiums by monthly bank withdrawal from your checking account?  Let me know before you cancel or close a checking account so the appropriate forms can be submitted to the insurance company in a timely manner.  

    (2) Remember to write your policy number on your check or any form of payment when submitting your premium to the insurance company.

    (3) Remember to pay your premiums on time.  A premium needs to be received before the end of the grace period to prevent against the insurance policy from lapsing and losing the valuable financial protection it provides you.  Most policies have a grace period of 30 – 60 days depending on the product and company.  I am notified by some companies (not all companies) if a premium is overdue and will reach out to you by email or call, as a reminder. 

    (4) Remember it’s in your best interest to add a secondary addressee to your INSURANCE POLICY should future memory issues develop.  By doing this the company sends a notification to the person on record that your insurance premium is overdue.  

    Always call me with questions or concerns regarding your insurance policies or if I can be of additional service to you or someone you know who can benefit from my professional services.


    Take time to organize your valuable documents such as your will, trust arrangements, property including titles, investments, insurance policies including beneficiary designations so your legal, financial and insurance paperwork is always current and in place when needed.  Update them if your personal situation changes.  It’s not easy but just as meaningful to make your burial and last wishes known in advance to your spouse, executor or trustee of your estate so they understand your plans.


    Have all of your personal possessions or business inventory been video recorded?  The more details the better.  

    Place it securely somewhere outside of your home or business in a safe deposit box or in the cloud.    

    Sadly and tragically will you ever remember precisely and exactly what you owned should a devastating FIRE, EARTHQUAKE, HURRICANE OR TORNADO destroy your home or business and it’s time to file a claim.   

    Remember a bad video will always be better than no video!

    Marc Maretsky Personal Insurance Services based in Beverly Hills, serves all of California and the United States.  I help my clients acquire life, disability, long-term care, and critical illness insured solutions, as well as enroll them into Medicare when eligible.

    “No matter how fast technology changes our world and everything around us.  I believe the personal touch and a human voice are more important than ever.”

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