Underestimating The Disability Risk

The disability insurance industry promotes May as Disability Awareness Month.
I DISAGREE!  Every day should be disability awareness!
Many underestimate the financial risk they face every day

Mega Million Lottery

UNREALISTIC: Odds of winning the Mega Millions lottery – 1 out of 259,000,000.  Odds of winning Power Ball – 1 out of 292,000,000.

REALISTIC: Odds of being unable to work due to disability – 1 in 4 of today’s 20 year-olds will become disabled before they reach age 67.  (Social Security Administration, Basic Facts, June 2016)


The Council for Disability Awareness indicates more than 20% of workers under age 40
believe they are more likely to win a Mega Millions Jackpot than face disability.
In reality, there is a 1 in 259,000,000 chance of winning the jackpot,
versus a 1 in 4 chance of an income-interrupting disability!!!

Humpty dumpty falling of the wall with the sky and clouds behind

Did you know what hurt Humpty Dumpty
wasn’t that he had a
bad fall, but he didn’t have
(IIP) income insurance protection?

Every day you walk a financial tightrope.

If you fall, (IIP) income insurance protection
is the safety 
net, which can catch you.

Corporate Guy Walks The Tightrope
Illustration of Retro Corporate Guy falling into the safety of his huge Financial Safety Net.
Highway Signpost Image with Contingency Plan wording


Banking concept: text Cash on Black chalkboard background

There is nothing permanent except bills.
Money makes the difference because life is only a CASH FLOW!


No matter how fast or often technology changes,
the need to protect your income never goes out style.

(IIP) isn’t a FAD but requires an APP!!!

Dear Future, Im Ready... written on desert road
conceptual picture with rough times road sign isolated on white background

Whenever you think times are tough,
imagine how much tougher it would be without your income?

Remember, GoFundMe is not an insurance company or an income protection solution!

Do you wear a seatbelt when you get in your car?  Why not put a seat belt around your income with paycheck protection?


Texting and driving causes disabilities!  


(IIP) prevents the devastating domino effect
of a disability on your life and financial future.

You don’t have a financial plan without an
(IIP) income protection plan!

Do you have burglar alarm for your home?

Why not put a security system around your income?

HEALTH IS WEALTH!  Health buys (IIP) income insurance protection.  Money only pays for it!

You must take advantage of your insurability when you are insurable.  Later can be too late!  How many people throughout America were unfortunately diagnosed TODAY with a medical condition that changed their insurability forever….

Is your lifestyle protected with income insurance
then your standard of living is not guaranteed? 

(IIP) provides peace-of-mind to enjoy life to the fullest!

The difference between a shattered windshield and a shattered life (IIP) Income Insurance Protection!

Don’t let procrastination
turn into desperation!

(IIP) income insurance protection
is a five letter word called MONEY!

Businessman Pushing Button Vip Five Stars

(IIP) Income Insurance Protection allows you to hit the (VIP) Very Important Planning button rather than the PANIC button!

Panic business concept psychological health

A disability is a horrible tragedy no one should ever face without adequate income.  The reality is it happens more often than you can imagine and impacts millions of Americans every year.

Disability tragedies strike in many ways and not because you did anything wrong but simply because you didn’t do anything when the opportunity presented itself.  (IIP) income insurance protection buys financial security in advance of the need – the only time that opportunity is available.

Decisions have consequences.  Do you think an illness or injury warns you a day in advance?
You can’t control the odds.  However, you can control the consequences.
Get (IIP) income insurance protection.  It just makes financial sense.  Most need it and few have it!

Learn more in “Succeeding With Me In The Application and Underwriting Process For IIP”.

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