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(IIP) Income Insurance Protection is often called DI, disability insurance, disability income insurance, or paycheck
protection – whatever you want to call it. 
IIP, subject to a waiting period, pays you a monthly benefit to help replace lost earnings
if you can’t work because of illness or injury.  Therefore, you can focus on getting well while eliminating the financial worries.

It’s about protecting your

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and cash flow!


protecting your income needs to be a very high priority!

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Everything you own and want to provide for yourself or family is dependent on income.  To put this into perspective, take a look at every single item and tally – car payment, home mortgage/rent, maintenance, cell phone, entertainment, clothing, education, food – the list goes on and on.  Now think about all of your creditors (people you owe money to) standing with their hand out every month.  Unless you are in a unique situation, nearly every expense must be fed by income.

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How important is your income, really?  If something happened that cuts off your income for an extended period of time, how would you pay your ongoing monthly expenses?

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Why will they fail?  Because your income stopped and you had to liquidate every other source of money!

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Either way, income is the most critical component to protect and carry out your financial plans and protect your monument of money.

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(IIP) is one of the most important financial contracts you can acquire during your income earning years.
Can you qualify?

(IIP) Provides

Financial Security


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(IIP) Creates financial freedom and takes the gamble out of your financial life.

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(IIP) Creates and strengthens the foundation under the monument of money you are building during your income earning years.

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(IIP) Protects your income, savings, assets, investments, and retirement plans for your future.
The first contribution you stop making when a disability occurs is to your 401K.  Planning for a comfortable retirement
becomes much more of a financial challenge during a total disability.  This can still be accomplished under an available
benefit that makes monthly payments into a retirement trust account to replace 401K or IRA contributions.


(IIP) Protects your investment in your education and professional career.

(IIP) Protects and maintains your lifestyle and standard of living.  It will also benefit your spouse or partner.

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If you’re the breadwinner, or a two-income family and you can no longer work due to a disability, (IIP), besides protecting you, will also protect your spouse or partner.  They would, without income protection, have to work or work longer and harder to replace your lost income, as well as pay other monthly expenses due to your disability.


(IIP) Preserves your confidence, and prevents a loss of dignity, financial setbacks or becoming a burden on someone else.

Not working due to a disability and mounting piles of bills is extremely stressful.  This can lead to severe depression and cause a slower recovery time.  The physical and psychological problems associated with becoming disabled are more than anyone should have to deal with or experience.  (IIP) preserves your confidence knowing that if you cannot work due to an illness or injury, you’ll have an income to focus entirely on recovery and dealing with your disability.

(IIP) Guarantees income tax-free dollars when paid by the insured, which is most premium payment scenarios.

Tax Free
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(IIP) Protects your future life goals,
which are all funded by income.

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(IIP) Requires forward thinking and puts you in control of your financial future.

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It’s a club with lots of membership benefits!


CUSTOM DESIGNED: I will always fit (IIP) solutions to your personal budget, lifestyle, and needs.

PORTABILITY:  It stays with you even if you change employers or occupations.  A contract that follows you wherever your career or profession takes you prior to age 65.

Example:  You’re a surgeon who purchases an IIP contract early in your medical career with the most favorable own occupation definition of disability.  You burn out being a surgeon after 20 years in healthcare and decide on a less stressful and much higher risk occupation at least for disability insurance.  It’s an occupation class no company is going to provide you with a low premium, the best definition of disability or an overall favorable contract.   

You have continued to pay premiums on your current policy.  Your disability contract follows you into this new higher risk occupation with the most favorable definition of disability with no change in premium or other contractual provisions.  HOW BENEFICIAL IS THAT TO YOU?   

NON-CANCELLABLE AND GUARANTEED RENEWABLE:  This most favorable contract, prior to age 65, can’t be terminated, altered, canceled or changed by the insurance company once it is issued to you.  Only you can make changes to the policy once you own it.  Plus a contract that provides guaranteed premiums to age 65?  NO RATE INCREASES!  How valuable is a contract like this protecting your most valuable asset decades into the future?  PRICELESS!  

FUTURE INSURANCE OPTIONS:  This is one of the most important benefits you can own.  It guarantees your insurability to purchase more income insurance protection in the future without having to qualify medically when your income increases.

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(IIP) Puts you in the driver’s seat with a contract that you own and can’t change prior to age 65.

(IIP) is the best gift you can give yourself and it is the gift that keeps on giving every day of the year and for many years into your work career or professional future.


A Non-Cancelable Guaranteed Renewable Disability Contract as demonstrated here
shows valuable reasons and advantages for becoming a NON-CAN FAN.  A club worth joining!

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A properly planned income insurance protection policy is like having money in a safe.  You lock up guaranteed tax-free money for your use when you are sick or injured.  It’s like having $500,000, $1,500,000, $3,000,000 or more ready for your use when you need it and need it the most.

EXAMPLES of Potential Collectible Disability Benefits:

Age 30 Male or Female (No Inflation)
Totally disabled at age 30 with ($5,000) a month of disability benefits payable to age 65.  The potential collectible benefit $2,100,000.

Age 30 Male or Female (3% Simple Inflation)
Totally disabled at age 30 with ($5,000) a month of disability benefits payable to age 65.  The potential collectible benefit $3,171,000.  

Age 35 Male or Female (No Inflation)
Totally disabled at age 35 with $5,000 a month of disability benefits payable to age 65.  The potential collectible benefit is $1,800,000.     

Age 35 Male or Female (3% Simple Inflation)
Totally disabled at age 35 with $5,000 a month of disability benefits payable to age 65.  The potential collectible benefit is $2,583,000.   

These examples are hypothetical situations.  Simple or compounding inflation benefits can vary by company and policy.  Potential collectible benefits can be more or less depending on the inflation benefit selected at what age a claim occurs and for how long.  These potential collectible benefits are received tax-free in most situations when the insured pays with after-tax dollars.

Health Insurance Application Medical Information Section


Learn more in “Understanding Disability Application Underwriting & Offers for Coverage”.

Throughout medical office buildings across the United States, who will be diagnosed TODAY with a medical condition that significantly changes their insurability?  

Sadly and unfortunately for medical reasons, some will never be able to qualify for this important financial protection even though they, now, see the need very clearly.      

Do you think anyone in their income-earning years laying in a hospital bed due to an illness or injury would say, “they don’t believe in disability income insurance”?  I would also venture to say not one person would ask, “How much would it cost rather how much could I get?”  The point is an ill or injured person always recognizes the value, now, and the importance, of disability income insurance planning.

The younger and healthier you are (ages 20 and 30’s) the greater the likelihood of a favorable decision.  (IIP) policies are written between the ages of 18 – 60 depending on the company, policy series and, underwriting program.  Experience has shown me more issues arise when applying in your 40’s and 50’s in the overall medical and underwriting process.

The insurance company looks at you only once, which is at the time when you apply and they are considering you for a substantial amount of money with other valuable benefits and contractual provisions available to you.      

Health is wealth when it comes to underwriting.  Your good health qualifies you.  Money only pays!

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Planning with (IIP) income insurance protection is made at the most desirable time while you’re working and earning money.  (IIP) shifts the risk to an insurance company by substituting a fixed affordable premium to offset the unknown financial responsibilities and consequences of a partial or total disability.  

Planning gets you on the right track and creates a solid foundation underneath your financial portfolio and monument of money.  The moment a policy is in-force your insurance dollars will continue as income over your entire working career should life throw you a curveball.

(IIP) is the best low-cost solution for lifelong guarantees that solve today’s problems with options for tomorrow.

(IIP) if you’re a young professional insures the large investment in your education and substantial future earnings.

(IIP) creates financial security and peace-of-mind, while protecting your income, lifestyle, and standard of living.

(IIP) protects against a forced liquidation of assets, savings, investments, or retirement plans intended for other purposes.

(IIP) also preserves your confidence and dignity that during a disability you won’t have to return to work prematurely forcing you back from rehabilitation and recovery.

Owning a good individual income protection policy is simply not a LUXURY ITEM but an ABSOLUTE NECESSITY when you consider the risk and how essential income is to you.  It’s important from my point of view to help young income earners, executives, business owners and, professionals protect their income with (IIP) income insurance protection, which requires FORWARD THINKING.  


THE RIGHT TIME IS NOW, and if you have no significant health issues, the easier the overall process will be for you.  This is when to apply!

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