Dr. Solomon S. Huebner is recognized as the father of life insurance.  His definitions
of life insurance are as sound today as when he pronounced them in the early part
of the 1900s.  

Life insurance is based on the simple fact that humans are mortal.  Nothing can protect
us against the eventual certainty of death.  So when we talk about life insurance we
are really talking about protecting the ECONOMIC VALUE of human life.  

Aside from emotional and religious consideration, the economic value of human life is determined by the individual’s earning capacity.  That value is important to others who depend upon it, i.e. dual income family, single parent, or any business interests.

Life insurance BUYS TIME and CREATES MONEY.  There are only two kinds of income – a man or woman at work, or money at work.  As a
contract for time and money, life insurance represents the ideal source of money to replace a man or woman, so that income can continue
to be generated when he or she is no longer here to do so.

Life insurance is a social good that saves society from picking up increased burdens as people die and take the dreams of their families
and business interests with them.  Life insurance allows you to leave behind what you might have earned for the people you love or care
about the most.

We all have plans, goals, dreams, hopes, and wishes for our family and business and they all depend on upon time and money – having enough time to accumulate enough money so that our goals or dreams can be fulfilled.  How can you create large sums of sums of money with the stroke of a pen and fulfill the promise that this money will be there at the precise time it is needed?  Nothing else can do that except life insurance.  Learn more in “The Magic and Miracles of Life Insurance”.

The basic need for life insurance rests upon THREE fundamental
conditions which presently exist in our world and our civilization.

1.  Life is uncertain with death being 100% certain.  Any idea what is your life expectancy?

2.  Love is here to stay.  Men and women love their spouses and children, their business concerns, and charitable causes.  

3.  Money is an essential ingredient in our complex world economy, and in our lives, and not because someone dies but
because our loved ones must go on living in the world you created for them.


We often learn about money, finances and maybe life insurance from our parents or what you heard when you were younger or read about on the internet, but absent a formal education on the purpose of life insurance, how it works and what type to purchase.  A person’s financial knowledge is largely hit or miss and especially true when it comes to this important financial product and what it can do for you.



Many different emotions surface when someone dies, more so when it is an untimely death
of a family member or close friend.  Sadness about the loss, fear about how the survivors will go on, scared about the future or angry that things weren’t better planned for loved ones are common feelings.   

It’s unfortunate that it takes a tragedy or hearing about death to make us think about life insurance, but it is a topic that many people avoid due to its macabre and unpleasant nature.  Who wants to think about their own death or the death of those we love and care so much about?  Life is a journey and thinking ahead can help protect our loved ones from financial problems and tragedies prevented with proper life insurance planning.

Life insurance is about our love and feelings of responsibility for our loved ones that
need to keep on going financially even if you’re not here.  Life insurance responds to an unimaginable loss, which we also would rather not think about what causes it to benefit
the ones we love so much.

The tragedy of life is not that we will die, but we will leave someone behind.  Loved ones
will inherit your assets, financial responsibilities, and obligations.  Where will that leave
them?  Life insurance may seem dull and drab, but it’s the perfect financial tool for leveraging
a range of solutions to common financial problems.  

Planning for the unknown is not the problem: it’s the solution, and planning for your future with life insurance gets you on the right track, and it’s one of the first steps in formulating the cornerstone of a solid financial portfolio.  You can earn, invest, or save money.

I CAN HELP YOU CREATE IT.  Let me show you how!

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