Your income allows you to afford all the things you provide
for yourself and hope for your family now and in your future.
Without your income, most people could not accomplish any
of their financial goals. 
Unless an individual does not need
their income, no financial plan is complete until income
protection is included.

Protect Your Earnings

What would you and your family do without your paycheck? Now, more than ever, you need to protect your earnings with IIP (Income Insurance Protection).  It creates a solid foundation underneath your monument of money and protects your financial future.


This is why VIP “Very Important Planning” matters!

What happens if your income stopped from a disability?

Could you survive without your paycheck and for how long?

What’s your plan B?

“If you can’t work, your whole world can fall apart quickly.  Most people are about 90 days away from bankruptcy.  Studies have found that medical problems play a role in more than 60% of bankruptcies and half of all home foreclosures.”

– Matt Tassey, past chairman, LIFE Foundation. Leading Causes of Disability WebMD Feature, R. Morgan Griffin

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