Looking Backwards On a Satisfying Career And
Going Forward Into the New Frontier Of Insurance

Based in Beverly Hills, I serve all of California and the entire United States.  I started my insurance career in 1980 after studying advertising and public relations in college.  My goal was to become a copywriter and eventually became an underwriter when I was offered an opportunity to sell insurance.

Many of my clients have been with me throughout my entire career.  I have developed wonderful relationships and have watched them succeed in their careers and businesses, seen their children grow and shared in their happiness with their families.

There have been many changes since 1980.  I look back on life insurance rate books used to calculate by hand cash values, dividends and premium rates to two-week turn-around-time for proposals by mail, not email.  Your state of the art computer looked like a banker’s box.  Floppy disks backed up your entire world.  Microsoft was started but who had heard of word processing when your letters were typed with an IBM Selectric II correcting typewriter.  Copiers were replacing carbon paper and mimeograph machines.  There were no fax machines, pagers were coming into vogue, and what was the internet or a cell phone?

“The Flinstones Meet The Jetsons”

It was like the Stone Age when you consider the fast-paced, disruptive, transformational, technology-driven world of Google, artificial intelligence, quick information, screens, texting, and the constantly changing business of insurance with online applications and e-policy deliveries all at the click of a button.  The world may be changing at supersonic speed, but the need for life, disability, critical illness, and long-term care planning are as important to you as they have ever been.  Why?  Sadly people die every day, become disabled at a much higher rate during their earning years than die, are diagnosed with dreaded illnesses and survive, and as we live longer more and more people need long-term care services.

I have seen and learned throughout my career that it is always easier to budget a premium for an insured solution with the financial protection and peace-of-mind that only insurance provides.  Rather than experiencing a financial tragedy and all of the other personal problems and family issues that occur when proper planning was not a priority.  Remember “Go Fund Me” is not an insured solution.

Let’s talk and connect.  We can meet at my office, your office and I still make house calls.  However, as more and more business is conducted by phone, screens and the internet.  What works best for you?  Works best for me.



THE INDEPENDENT DIFFERENCE means you benefit with many different options from many different insurance companies.

Years of experience has taught me one size does not fit all.  That’s why I work with many fine insurance companies to match your personal situation to the one product and company that works best for you.


Marc Maretsky Personal Insurance Services based in Beverly Hills, serves all of California and the United States.  I help my clients acquire life, disability, long-term care, and critical illness insured solutions, as well as enroll them into Medicare when eligible.

“No matter how fast technology changes our world and everything around us.  I believe the personal touch and a human voice are more important than ever.”

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