You have many choices when it comes to choosing an insurance advisor.
Here are 15 reasons how YOU can benefit working with me!

#1.  Experience counts.  I have been in this business for many years.  Insurance products and underwriting continue to evolve and change rapidly.  You need an advocate to represent you and help navigate the maze of insurance options and companies to consider.  Most importantly, you need HUMAN INTELLIGENCE to answer your questions, thoughts or concerns regarding your personal situation and analyze the pieces of your puzzle.

#2.  My service is very personalized and my policy is quality. 

#3.  I am very knowledgeable about underwriting insured solutions.  See “Understanding Underwriting”.  I will figure out and tell you specific underwriting issues you might face, the best-insured solution and what company to consider and why?  

#4.  Do you understand how important your insurability is when qualifying for the appropriate insurance?  No amount of money can buy a good insured solution with all of the benefits you desire or at the most favorable premium rate if you wait too long and your insurability has changed.  Remember if you can health qualify, the premium can be anything you want it to be.  Everything revolves around your insurability!

#5.  You have insurance and you don’t understand it.  Have you reviewed it lately?

#6.  Do you understand the limitations between renting (employer provided) and owning your insurance?  There are big differences!  Remember just because it’s free or inexpensive, doesn’t mean it’s good or in your best long-term interest.  

#7.  You’ve heard about a particular insurance product and want your questions or concerns answered.  

#8.  Your agent has disappeared or left the business.

#9.  I help my clients sleep well at night.  This is why insurance is purchased.  What’s this feeling worth?  Plenty!

#10.  A good insured solution allows you or loved ones to remain financially independent against the “WHAT IF” scenarios in life and I help put you in control of your financial future.

#11.  The world of insurance has changed.  It’s not about me selling you a policy.  It’s about me helping you buy a policy to solve a financial problem that only insurance provides the best answer for you.  My insured solutions are always designed to fit your personal situation and premium budget.

#12.  The policy will always be in your best interest or I will not recommend an insured solution to you.

#13I have seen the entire process played out numerous times from presenting the need, education about a particular insurance product through the underwriting qualification and approval process.  I provide ongoing service long after the sale.  I will review your policies to remind you of their value and discuss your personal situation as it will change over time.  Plus, I will always help should a claim arise.  Seeing promises kept by the insurance company, and money paid to my clients and beneficiaries is most satisfying and reminds me of the big difference I’ve made in my client’s lives.

#14Taking care of my clients for many years has allowed me to be their GO-TO source for life, disability, long-term care, and critical illness insurance.  This is my goal in working with you.

#15.  There are a lot of good insurance advisors, and if I wasn’t in the insurance business, I would purchase insurance from someone like myself.  Now unless you woke up this morning and were touched by an angel, which is unlikely.  Motivating you to take action is still necessary.  However, I do not sell insurance to you in the traditional way.  Today, you’re in charge.  I help you solve financial problems and acquire good insured solutions the modern way in the NEW FRONTIER!

Marc Maretsky Personal Insurance Services based in Beverly Hills, serves all of California and the United States.  I help my clients acquire life, disability, long-term care, and critical illness insured solutions, as well as enroll them into Medicare when eligible.

“No matter how fast technology changes our world and everything around us.  I believe the personal touch and a human voice are more important than ever.”

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