Chances are you have heard something about protecting
your future income with disability insurance.
Yes, you’re
eligible for disability insurance with minimal to no
income simply based on future potential earnings.

See “Planning Advantages and The Advantages of Planning”.

Certainly evaluating and purchasing disability insurance is not high on your daily list of priorities as a busy resident
pursuing graduation with limited income, student loans, and mounting personal and professional responsibilities.


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Here are several reasons why you should consider purchasing disability insurance
during your residency.

You have a lot of money invested in your education.  Maybe your parents can
help pay the premiums until you graduate.

Depending on your studies and specialty, you see patients with compromised insurability issues or you might even be treating patients with disabilities.
Remember it can happen to anybody at any time!  This is why there isn’t a doctor
or dentist in America who doesn’t have some form of disability insurance or doesn’t believe in disability insurance.

Many wonder whether they should buy a disability insurance policy now, or once
they graduate and start making “real” money. There are a couple of potential problems in waiting until after graduation to purchase a policy.

Your residency program may offer group long-term disability while still in school.  Many insurance companies will ignore your group coverage because it will end
once you graduate. Getting a good individual disability policy as a base with future insurance options allows for group long-term disability to be added on top should
it be offered to you in future employment.  Group LTD can simply work against you once you leave school and start your career depending on what your future employer provides in the way of group disability benefits and how they are structured.
Learn more in “What Is Group Long-Term Disability?

Changes in Health Can Create Problems:  Hopefully, you have made it through your 20’s without any serious health issues. It doesn’t mean your insurability can’t change.  An individual disability policy requires medical underwriting with the insurance company looking at your health history, and issuing a policy contingent on being in good health.  A policy can be approved with exclusions, benefit modifications or even declined for applicants with adverse medical problems.

You’re The Youngest You Will Ever Be — And It’s Affordable:  Budgetable premiums are usually offered with a student or resident discount, and
your premium rate is guaranteed to age 65.  NO PREMIUM INCREASES!

Great Contractual Guarantees, Policy Provisions and a Favorable Definition of Disability (The Key To Any Good Disability Policy):  Your policy CAN’T BE CANCELLED or CHANGED except for non-payment of premium.  THE POLICY IS PORTABLE
and follows you throughout your entire career.

Future Insurance Options:  This valuable benefit allows you the opportunity to purchase more disability insurance as your
future income increases without having to answer any medical questions.  Once approved, you have guaranteed your
insurability in the future regardless of any change in health.

You need to do what your other peers are not doing.  Dare to be different it’s your future!

You will help your patients and clients in the future.  (IIP) income insurance protection helps you now and protects your
financial future.


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