Magic Dollars


Life insurance is often seen as dull and boring.  However, when the true MAGIC and MIRACLES  are understood and the leverage it provides as your “Valuable Silent Partner”.  The truth becomes apparent life insurance is the perfect financial planning vehicle for creating a sanctuary against the unpredictability of the future.  It will solve many financial issues for which life insurance is the perfect solution, if not the only, solution.



I’m an intangible that certainly won’t give you instant gratification like a new home, car or that long awaited vacation.  I’m not associated with fun or a celebration.

I am ink printed on 20 to 30 pieces of paper stapled or bound together in some form.

I buy TIME for loved ones to properly grieve and emotionally heal without having to make any forced financial decisions, liquidate valuable investments or assets.

I create money where none existed before and provide an immediate cash estate for many different personal and business needs.

I am a promise to pay MILLIONS OF DOLLARS when the unthinkable and saddest day in life occurs, DEATH, which is inescapable and 100% certain.  I am the only one who brings money to loved ones or business interests created from the magic of life insurance.

I help people see and complete visions, dreams, and achieve economic immortality.

I bring dignity, peace-of-mind and provide financial independence and economic freedom to your loved ones or business interests.

I not only protect your assets or investments.  I add to them.  I don’t compete against them!

I come with exceptional tax advantages.

I am tangible evidence that a man is a good husband, father or business owner, and a woman is a good wife, mother or business owner.

I pay off mortgages so that the family can remain in their own home and world.

I guarantee the continuity of a business.

I provide the perfect form of collateral when borrowing money, and you can assign me to cover a loan.   

I cost, depending on age, a few pennies, nickels, dimes or quarters per each life insurance dollar, and am known as a premium.

I am savings that increase in value from year-to-year if you’re a cash value policy.

I lend money when you need it most, with no questions asked if you’re a cash value policy.

I am protected by laws that prevent creditors from assessing the money given to loved ones.

I guarantee the financial ability to have happy holidays and the laughter of children – even though a mother or father is not there.

I allow you all of the joys of life and the moral right to die in peace.

I am the guardian angel over your loved ones, your estate or business interests.


I Am Simply Your Life Insurance Policy


“Your Valuable Silent Partner”

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“Life Insurance ‘Your Valuable Silent Partner'”

The Miracles of Life Insurance


Consider for a moment the extraordinary length of time for which the insurance company commits itself to provide benefits and services for even a single policy. There are precious few things in this life which provide this enduring reliability, and as a practical matter, you can depend on your life insurance forever.     

It’s the perfect property.  Liberal installment terms, with no down payment other than your premium payment.  Plus this property offers major tax advantages, is equal in liquidity or marketability to the best of other assets and is superior to many.  It’s unsurpassed as collateral and offers the only guaranteed borrowing power known to the financial world.  

This property also carries the unique provision that if the insured dies before completing the required payments, the property will at that very moment be marked “PAID IN FULL”, and transferred income tax-free without expense and delay.

There’s no substitute for life insurance.  THERE NEVER WAS AND NEVER WILL BE!

Life insurance makes for a lousy investment and investments make for lousy life insurance.  There’s no investment a person could make that’s anything like it.  Why?  What’s the best investment?  THE ONE THAT PAYS THE MOST WHEN NEEDED THE MOST!

Isn’t that life insurance?

It’s the only investment that makes dollars from pennies, or costs pennies and guarantees dollars.  The true worth of an investment is not what it’s worth when you buy it and put it in the safety deposit box, but what it is worth when you take it out.  Other investments ask for a dollar and make you 30 cents.  Life insurance asks for pennies, nickels, or dimes and pays a dollar income tax-free.

It’s predictable, and does money ever go out style?  

THE MAGIC AND MIRACLES OF LIFE INSURANCE creates peace of mind, financial security and will always be the most economical way of providing guaranteed cash when death has made everything else uncertain.

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